Water-Based Adhesives
simalfa adhesive 309 - general purpose

Simalfa 321

Porous to Non-Porous

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SIMALFA 321 is a very fast-drying one-part water-based adhesive that can be used in various applications where one of the materials is non-porous. Simalfa 321 is commonly used where foams and other porous materials are bonded to non-porous substrates such as non-woven fabric, metal, wood, or plastic.

COLOR: Natural or Red

SIZE: 5 Gallons / 20kg

LEAD TIME: No lead time - product is in stock

SHELF LIFE:  4 months from DOM


PRIMARY INDUSTRIES: Foam, Furniture, Transportation

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SKU: 321-5R


Special care must be taken when shipping, handling and storing our product to ensure it is not exposed to freezing temperatures. From October 15th until April 15th, we take precautions when shipping. Learn more at www.simalfa.com/techinfo/donotfreeze