Water-Based Adhesives
simalfa adhesive 309 - general purpose

Simalfa 745

Plastic Laminate and Veneers

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SIMALFA 745 is the most versatile plastic laminate and veneer adhesive in the industry. It is a very fast drying one-part water based adhesive that incorporates unique technology that allows tremendous flexibility in process and application method. Substrates can be bonded instantly, or allowed open time, depending on specific production and process needs. Simalfa 745 is commonly used where plastic laminate or veneers are bonded to substrates such as plywood, MDF, particle board, or metal.

COLOR: Natural, Red, Blue

SIZE: 5 Gallons / 20kg

LEAD TIME: No lead time - product is in stock

SHELF LIFE:  6 months from DOM


PRIMARY INDUSTRIES: Plastic laminate and veneers

SKU: 745-5N